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Above all regional quality!

We offer local Provencal cuisine by favoring local producers. We are looking for the best Provence products from moderate and organic farming with short circuits.


Some examples of products that we select: Raspberry from Ardèche, Guyot or Williams pear, Bergeron apricot, vine peach, white or yellow nectarine, black figs of solliès or Caromb, black plum or Sun, Reine Claude… Table grapes, AOC Muscat du Ventoux, Alphonse Lavallée… With the fruits of the Luberon, the north of Vaucluse, the island of Barthelasse, Ardèche, the Alpilles, the plain of Crau…


The orchards of these regions are ideally located geographically and conducive to sustained yields and tasty fruits bursting with sugar.


really unique ...

Fruits : Figues de solliès,
raisin noir muscat du Ventoux.

Olive oil from Provence,
of the Baux valley.


Sar, gallinette, red mullet, wolf, sea bream, squid, octopus, pageot, sole ray, turbot… ..


Sisteron lamb, Camargue bull, Mont-Ventoux pig, Luberon poultry.

Anchoiade, aioli, rust,

Rice: Camargue red / white / black.

Goat cheeses:

Picodon, Banon and de Roves.

Herbes et aromates : 

Sarriette, herbes de Provence, romarin, thym, basilic, laurier, serpolet, origan, sauge, Safran du Luberon, lavande…

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