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The chef at home

Since 2004, when he created his company "Deluxe Home Restauration", Youcef Djellab, Disciple of Escoffier,
plays the chefs at home.

He made the choice of this activity, after years spent roaming the world and cooking refined dishes, in the often stressful atmospheres of the kitchens of large restaurants.

This native of Picardy, now living near Avignon, wanted a calmer pace of life and above all a completely different contact with customers. He now happily shares his Provencal, Mediterranean cuisine, bursting with sunshine, with French and foreign customers.

Youcef Djellab works in France and abroad for short missions.


He travels by simple phone call to organize a romantic dinner or a party for around forty people.

Once the menu is established, the estimate validated and an inspection of the kitchen completed to ensure the conformity of the premises, he takes care of the shopping and all the logistical organization.

On D-Day , he was there with his refrigerated truck and went to the kitchen. He also takes care of the service, if necessary and the reorganization of the kitchen area.


A certain sense of detail



Dedication in preface to the family book
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