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Our cooking lessons

by chef Youcef

For Youcef Djellab, cooking is such a passion that it declines it in all its forms.

It offers home cooking lessons (minimum 6 people).

The courses can be personalized or declined according to seasonal products ...

The hardest thing will be to choose !

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information to meet your expectations.


Some dishes offered


- Pressed old tomatoes with herbs, parmesan tile and mixed herbs.

- Cavaillon melon, raspberry vinaigrette and olive oil
of the Baux de Provence.

- Tartare and green asparagus from pertuis drizzled with olive oil from Beaumes de Venise.

- Royal sea bream ceviche from Grau du Roi, spring onions and olives from Nyons

- Rock fish soup (Marseille) aioli well spiced

- Lauris asparagus in declination: velvety, raw or cooked

- Carpaccio of Saint-Jacques, black truffle from Richerence or Carpentras

- Soft cake with Tavel rosé, candied tomatoes and tapenade

- Provence purple artichoke
and fennel confit like
a barigoule


Lamb from Oc / Luberon or Sisteron depending on your taste:
- Long shoulder candied to scents from elsewhere

- The rack cooked on a bed of savory, thyme, thyme and rosemary

- Stuffed filet, tapenade, basil and candied tomatoes

- The cooked marinated leg of lamb, rat apples from Sault

Le Loup for the Provencals, the bar for the Bretons!
- Frayed back cooked at low temperature and anchoïade

- Whole cooked in a rougail salt crust of apricot and candied lemon from Menton

- Luberon saffron ballottine with Camargue rice

- Soft poached fillet in olive oil from Baux de Provence, Fresh almonds and anise


- Carpentras strawberries: Ciflorette, Gariguette, Cléry and Mara des bois

- Basil and Asian pepper tartare, chocolate with four spices

- Iced soup with brown rum and almond milk espuma

- Revisited strawberry tart and bourbon vanilla

- Strawberry ice cream, tile and whipped cream

- Cherries: Burlat, Summit, Folfer, Belgian, Napoleon, earlise

- Cherry samossa and apple cider gazpacho

- Tartare, mint, lime and a hint of lavender

- Clafouti and shortbread chocolate with Camargue salt


Dedication in preface to the family book
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